Aikido Communication for You

  An unforgettable approach for open-minded people who want to improve their communication.  

Use aikido communication to communicate better, resolve conflict and build relationships.


Aikido communication translates aikido wisdom into verbal and nonverbal communication: talks, situations and relationships. Aikido is a Japanese martial art. It is not a martial art of combat, but a martial art of harmony.


Instead of starting with a theoretical model in a slideshow, we start with simple martial art movements. We will soon discover that aikido is a clear metaphor. You do the exercises as you see fit. A beginner's technique is enough to feel what it means. You will then learn how to translate the movement into communication.

Even without aikido communication,

Greet Training is efficient and effective as well.


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 Video (01:51) - the martial art of aikido 




Greet Training uses verbal aikido to help you:

  • Communicate with others – accept that everyone is different;
  • Communicate in emotional situations – choose for dialogue, both verbally and nonverbally;
  • Communicate in difficult situations – choose to react responsibly;
  • Communicate with yourself – deal with fear, stress, anger and (verbal) violence.

Aikido is the way of harmony, happiness, peace and respect. This way is based on physical and mental stability: zen. Zen in aikido does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of these things and still be calm in your heart. 

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Your trainer, Ms Greet De Baets, is a communication coach and is a black belt aikidoka. 

Mail to or call + 32 474 71 48 00.  

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