Aikido Communication to be More Assertive

  • Description:
  • You can learn aikido communication. You will discover how aikido inspires you in challenging communication. Especially when situations make you numb or weak.
  • Target Group:
  • Aikido communication is for you if you are pursuing a breakthrough in the way you deal with other people and with yourself. Do you resort to submissive behaviour at times? Would you like to work on yourself in order to communicate more safely and take care of your own wellbeing?
  • Approach:
  • You will learn some martial art movements to translate into safe, non-violent, assertive communication techniques.

    In what situations? Negotiations, conflicts, cross-cultural communication, difficult relationships, potential relationships, personal understanding. These techniques teach you to walk the path of your personal and/or professional goals.

    1. React to difficult situations.
    2. Analyse success and failure stories.
    3. Copy and paste wisdom.
    4. Communicate with assertion in four levels.
    5. Write an action plan based on a case study. 

    These training days might be Dutch-spoken. Get in touch for English services.
  • Duration:
  • Two days in our seminar house in the Belgian Eifel.
  • Calendar:
  • Thursday 10.01.2019 and Friday 11.01.2019.
  • Location:
  • Dojo-Haus, St. Vith (B)
  • Price:
  • € 720 per person, inclusive of VAT, overnight stay and meals.
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