Efficiency for you

You receive an efficient total approach, whether you choose for consultancy, coaching, training snacks, tailored training or calendar training.

  • Preparation - Preparatory talks, collection of needs, expectations and cases, information about contents and approach.
  • Approach - Active, intensive, fun and practical.
  • Prep Phase - You receive a questionnaire or a text up front.

    • Call for written communication - Will you bring two or three of your own texts along, in two copies? Sanitise them, i.e. delete nonrelevant information such as names and figures.
    • Call for oral communication - Will you think about two or three examples of real cases from your practice? You will use them as a topic in several exercises.

  • Action Plan - You design a personal action plan to implement new understanding better.
  • Memory Card - You receive a memory card with the gist of the training course or coaching sessions.
  • Follow-up Phase - You can use the online info desk.

Moreover, you can choose for the efficiency and effectiveness of aikido communication.