Aikido communication

Aikido communication

Discover the academic research Greet is conducting on aikido communication.

Aikido communication for verbal self-defence and harmony: an embodied approach for whoever wants to improve their communication.

Zen in the chaos

Be a zen master communicator in the chaos of conversation: with the wisdom of aikido, a Japanese martial art. On the mat, an aikidoka learns how to turn an opponent into a partner. Aikido off the mat teaches you to turn an opponent into a partner in conversations, meetings and negotiations.

Aikido as a theory

Instead of starting with a theoretical model in a slideshow, we start with simple martial art movements. We soon discover that aikido is a clear metaphor. You do the exercises as you see fit. A beginner's technique is enough to feel what it means. You then learn how to translate the movement into communication.

| Learn to stand in your core, bodily and mentally. Learn to be both calm and alert.

| Learn to communicate and cooperate respectfully.

| Learn the steps towards clear, real and safe communication.

In good hands

Your trainer, Ms Greet De Baets, is a business communication coach and is a black belt aikidoka. She does academic research into aikido as a communication theory at Ghent University, Belgium.