Aikido communication


Update | 20 November 2021

To avoid infections and to comply with the official directions, the following measures are taken during training seminars in the Dojo-Haus.

 Masks? Yes and no.

When we are on the move, we wear masks. When we sit and keep our distance, we do not need to wear masks.

 Hygiene? Disinfect your hands regularly.

There is plenty of disinfectant in the Dojo-Haus.

  Symptoms? Stay home.

There is a thermometer in the Dojo-Haus.

 Vaccinated or not? No covid safe ticket necessary.

The German-speaking community forbids covid safe tickets for small gatherings.

Do you come from abroad? You must present a European certificate.

Do you want to bet extra on safety? Take a self-test available from the pharmacist. By the way, there is a pharmacy near the Dojo-Haus.

 Ventilation? Many windows, m² and a CO2 meter.

The Dojo-Haus is big and has many windows. Therefore, it is easy to keep distance and to air the rooms. 

 Aikido? Masks on and disinfected feet/hands on the mat.