Validity | The Dutch conditions are the original conditions. Only the courts in Ghent and Eeklo (Belgium) are of competent jurisdiction.

Services | The services of Greet Training include any training, workshop, course, talk, workplace observation, consultancy, guidance, advice and coaching which is organized by Greet Training.

Fees | The fees are exclusive of VAT, unless mentioned otherwise. Preparation, service material (booklet, binder…), action plan, certificate, feedback report (onepager) and memory cards are included in the fee.

Travelling | Transportation costs within Belgium are not charged. Transportation costs outside Belgium are charged separately.

Helpdesk | The online helpdesk is free and remains accessible after the service programme.

Material | The provided material is copyrighted. The material is intended for use by the participants only. If the client wishes to reuse parts of the service materials internally and non-commercially, they mention the source at least as follows:

Greet Training +

If the client wishes to use parts of the service material externally, they ask permission to Greet Training.

Deviations | Deviations and additions to these general terms and conditions are only possible:

- By a purchase order signed by the client.
- By an order, proposal or agreement signed by the client.

Enrollment | For calendar training courses, Greet Training processes enrollments in order of arrival. As soon as Greet Training has received the client's enrollment, Greet Training acknowledges receipt. In case the training course is fully booked, the client will be informed.

Cancellation | The client may cancel or postpone a training day or a coaching visit until two weeks beforehand:

Do you cancel/postpone less than 14 calendar days in advance?
Do you cancel/postpone less than 7 calendar days in advance?
The cancellation conditions apply to cancellations of more than half of a serial coaching visit as well.

Greet Training reserves the right to cancel or postpone training days or coaching visits due to circumstances beyond its reasonable control. In such a case, we consult all parties involved to agree on alternatives. If a participant, a trainee or a coachee, cannot come before the start of the service programme, the client is allowed to send a replacement for the whole programme.

Partners | Greet Training reserves the right to commission authorised business partners to execute certain services.

Participants | Greet Training treats all information as confidential. Greet Training is not accountable for the actions and words of the participants upon a service programme.

Complaints | Greet Training prefers communicating about the client’s questions, suggestions and expectations and agreeing to adapt things until the client is satisfied. Complaints, if any, must be notified by registered letter within five working days upon the invoice date.

Invoice | 

1. The invoice is to be paid on its due date at the latest.
2. Any objection must be notified by registered letter within five working days upon the invoice date. 
3. In case of non-payment on the mentioned due date, the invoice gives the right to a late payment interest 
of 1.5% per month until the date of full payment. This right is automatic and without any notice or warning.
4. If an overdue invoice remains unpaid without proper justification within 15 days upon a notice of default by Greet Training, a recovery fee will be payable. This fixed and irreducible compensation for recovery costs caused by the payment default is 15% of the unpaid amount with a minimum of 25.00 euro. This clause does not affect the obligation to pay any arrears mentioned above.

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