Presentation skills

  • Presentation skills

| Description 

You can learn to present. Prepare a presentation and practise in the safe environment of a small training group.

| Target Group 

Giving presentations is one of your tasks. You know your job and the contents of your presentations very well. To top it all, you would like to support the quality of the contents with a professional presentation approach.

| Approach 

The training course counts on the input of the participants: questions, examples and cases. There is much interaction and variation. We will not be watching a slideshow the whole time: we will be switching between sitting, walking, talking, writing, laughing, learning and remembering. 

We will practise with video recordings (not obliged) to observe your own personal style and progress.

| Contents 

You will discover your presentation weaknesses, your strengths and typical idioms.

  • Preparation
  • Audience
  • The keys to a successful presentation:
  1. preparation
  2. use of language
  3. enthusiasm
  4. interaction
  • Panic situations
  • Checklists
  • Action plan

Depending on the participants, the training will either take place in German and Dutch or in English.

| Duration

Two residential days in our seminar place in the Belgian Eifel.

| Calendar

Tailored training and coaching only until further notice.

| Location

Dojo-Haus, St. Vith (B)

| Price

€ 720 per person. Inclusive of VAT, overnight stay and meals.
Get in touch to discuss any advantage packets.

  • € 720.00

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