Intercultural communication: the aikido method

  • Intercultural communication: the aikido method

| Description 

You can learn aikido communication. You will discover how to deal with both the differences and the similarities between cultures.

| Target Group

Intercultural communication is for you if you need to deal with other cultures: on the phone, in negotiations, in sales talks, in meetings, in e-mails etc.

| Approach

We will not be watching a slideshow the whole time: we will soon start with simple aikido moves. They will be a source for communication techniques. The training course zaps between aikido, theory and practice. The movements and exercises will be a powerful support for our communication with people from different regions, companies, backgrounds etc. We switch between outdoors and indoors, chairs and sofas, stools and judo mats. Aikido is not just a martial art, it is a communication theory.

| Contents

We discover how we observe, feel and communicate in intercultural situations. We tackle some specific cultures and general intercultural communication techniques.

  1. React to situations.
  2. Analyse success and failure stories.
  3. Copy and paste wisdom to practical situations.
  4. Communicate in three levels.
  5. Analyse a case study.
  6. Write an action plan.

The training days will be held in English mainly.

| Duration

Two residential days in our seminar house in the Belgian Eifel.

| Calendar

Tailored training and coaching only until further notice.

| Location

Dojo-Haus, St. Vith (B)

| Price

€ 720 per person. Inclusive of VAT, overnight stay and meals.
Get in touch to discuss any advantage packets.

  • € 720.00

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