Performance Review Talks

  • Performance Review Talks

| Description 

You can learn how to conduct a performance review talk. You will discover insights and techniques to deal with the two communication directions in such a talk.

| Target Group 

This training course is for you if you would like to achieve your goals in such talks safely. The training course aims at two target groups: jobholders and managers.

| Approach 

The training course counts on the input of the participants: questions, examples and cases. There is much interaction and variation. We will not be watching a slideshow the whole time: we will be switching between sitting, walking, talking, writing, laughing, learning and remembering. 

| Contents 

You learn how to achieve your goals safely, both as a jobholder and as a manager. You will practise some useful techniques: 

  • to describe facts objectively
  • to ask targeted questions
  • to answer clearly
  • to listen actively
  • to agree upon clearly
  • to end decisively

On top of this, you will learn how to deal with emotional reactions (yours and those of your communication partners): e.g. resistance, anger, passivity.

| Duration

Two residential days in our seminar place in the Belgian Eifel.

| Calendar

Tailored training and coaching only until further notice.

| Location

Dojo-Haus, St. Vith (B)

| Price

€ 720 per person. Inclusive of VAT, overnight stay and meals.
Get in touch to discuss any advantage packets.

  • € 720.00

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