Giving presentations in English

  • Giving presentations in English

| Description 

You can learn how to present in English. You can learn typical phrases for your English presentations. Moreover, you are receiving language and culture tips.

| Target Group 

Giving presentations in English is one of your tasks. You want to show your professionalism to an international audience which speaks English either as a mother tongue or as a second language.

| Approach 

You will be catching two birds with one stone: presentation techniques and English language techniques. Prepare your presentation and practise in the safe environment of a small training group. You will discover your weaknesses and your strengths. You will receive typical phrases, language tips and intercultural tips. 

| Contents 

We will practise with video recordings (not obliged) to observe your own personal style and progress.

Presentation tips
  • preparation
  • audience
  • audiovisual resources
  • panic situations
  • checklists
Language tips
  • typical sentences
  • grammar tips
  • culture tips

By the end of the training you will have memorized at least ten new important sentences in English.

| Duration

Two residential days in our seminar place in the Belgian Eifel.

| Calendar

Tailored training and coaching only until further notice.

| Location

Dojo-Haus, St. Vith (B)

| Price

€ 720 per person. Inclusive of VAT, overnight stay and meals.
Get in touch to discuss any advantage packets.

  • € 720.00