Clear writing in English

  • Clear writing in English

| Description 

You can learn how to write clearly. You can learn how to write readable and clear texts in professional, plain English.

| Target Group 

The clear English writing skills course is for you if you write business, commercial or technical texts and e-mails. It is important to have a working knowledge of English. The training course optimises your English skills and reduces the risk of making mistakes.

| Approach 

The training course counts on the input of the participants: questions, examples and cases. We do exercises in a duo or with the whole group to test the effectiveness of our texts. There is much interaction and variation. We will not be watching a slideshow the whole time: we will be switching between sitting, walking, talking, writing, laughing, learning and remembering. 

| Contents 

We go through the writing process together and practise formulations that are useful in reports, minutes, summaries, texts or emails. The focus is on legible wording and contemporary professionalism.

  • The top 3 of business English pitfalls
  • The parameters of a clear text
  • Structure strategies
  • Phrases, idioms and expressions
  • Do's and don'ts
  • Action Plan

| Duration

Two residential days in our seminar place in the Belgian Eifel.

| Calendar

Tailored training and coaching only until further notice.

| Location

Dojo-Haus, St. Vith (B)

| Price

€ 720 per person. Inclusive of VAT, overnight stay and meals.
Get in touch to discuss any advantage packets.

  • € 720.00